char5vzla: Plaza Los Ilustres 28/06/12

lisagree: anna and the slack line

elizabeastt: Too much fun

theultimatepatronus: summer hobby: slacklining (I can actually walk back and forth across it now)

killmyfriends: Got a chance to use my new camera this afternoon at the the infamous west lake macquarie landmark, Cooranbong Park

jibbingwithjerome: Fresh Things Friday: Jerome Kuntz 1) Slack line:My friend Denny from wild mountain let me borrow his slack line. Coming from all the activities i love i figured it would be simple to hop up on a fat rope and walk back and forth but it is SO much more difficult than i expected. … Continue reading

Slackline Girls Comfy Teeeeezzzz! 

forthefit: tried “slack lining” and ended up being a sloth

Huntington Beach, Ca.  Surf, Slackline, Skimboard.