HOW TO: 1″ Double Ratchet Setup Video

Frankie Najera of Gibbon Slacklines is here to help you learn how to set up your 1″ Double Ratchet Kit.

Merging slacklining, skiing and snowboarding?

It’s official… These guys are crazy. An unusual approach to slacklining – combined with skiing/snowboarding Elephant Slacklines discovered that there are a lot of new possibilities.

Dominique Harrison, Jake White, and Photographer Charles Yacoub’s

Take a look at these fun photos featuring Slackliner Jake White and Slackline Girl Dominique Harrison. Photo’s credited to Charles Yacoub.  Very Cool. We dig.   Read more about Slackline girl Dominique Harrison. <— CLICK HERE For even more awesome photos CLICK HERE.!

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Great Beachy/Sporty/Sexy looks for this spring – Slackline Girls Fav’s

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Beach Slack Session …. photos from