Olympian Greg Louganis Slacklines.

17 time Olympic Gold metal winner slacklines in Santa Monica. Well…. I have to say, I just love this. 17 time Olympic Gold metal winner Greg Louganis hangs out at Santa Monica beach and Slacklines with some of the P10 guys. First off, in the world of diving… this guy is a bad ass. Not … Continue reading

It’s Friday…. So lets get weird.

What better person to endorse Perfect Tension Slacklines than…. wait…. what?   Your guess is as good as mine. haha. but… happy friday! 

Fresh off the Pressss: Nighttime/beach/bonfire slack session

#Slackline #Perfecttension #bonfire #venice This weekend I set out to Dockweiler Beach to see what was happening with some of the guys from Perfect Tension Slacklines. They built a system to anchor slacklines in the sand in order to set up multiple lines on the beach with out the use of trees. The purpose of … Continue reading

Love my new P10 Slackline Swag!

I want to thank P10 Slacklines for sending me this free swag! I love it! You can look into getting some swag of your own on their website PERFECT TENSION SLACKLINE!