Vertigirl Films – High Life – Episode 2

The badass ladies are back again in episode 2.   Here is Episode 2 of the Vertigirls series! BASE Jumping & Highlining combined along with some Arch Highlines, tricklining with Elli Schulte, & much more! If you missed Episode 1. CHECK IT OUT HERE. 

Interview with Joshee Mannix from Slackline Australia

Interview with Joshee Mannix from Slackline Australia. Interview by: Grace Gutwein Joshee Mannix talks about slacklining in this interview with Graxe Gutwein. Slackline Australia is a website that supports the sport of slacklining. They sell a variety of lines and offer tips. If you are Australia based there is information about workshops and such as … Continue reading


First off… IF THEY CAN DO IT… SO CAN YOU! No excuses. The ahh-mazing slackline dogs! dogs can skateboard, surf, skydive… why wouldn’t they be good at slacklining too? i’ll be impressed when I see … a goat slackline! … wait… WTF…. oh… your good!

Happy Friday – SLACKLINING VIDEO – full circle

Happy Friday! The video for today is this video I found by Mandrake Filmes. Its a pretty cool little piece that I think has a full circle of awesome qualities. It starts smooth and slow with some beautiful silhouetted beach highlining/waterlining then jumps over to the beach for some fun tricklining. The tricks they are … Continue reading

What does “Let The Sea Set You Free” mean to you?

ROXY CONTEST: Roxy is looking for those who want to live the dream of a ROXY girl. Could it be you? They are combing the entire globe for the winner of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Enter in person for your chance to join our ride and live the dream of a Roxy girl. Stop by and … Continue reading

Perfect Tension Slacklines: USA

I have been following P10 slacklines from the beginning. They are a really cool company with a fresh take on slacklining. Coming from Venice, California P10 is very surfer/skater inspired. To the side here is a video that was shot on the Venice beach pier. This is a newborn company, but already they sell some … Continue reading

Those girls are CRAZY…. and we like it.

Ever think to yourself, Yep I’m a badass.. haha, me too. Well that is what you may think BEFORE you watch this video. The Virtigirls team is kicking ass in this 5 ½ minute piece. The three girls Emily Sukiennik , Hayley Ashburn, and Jill Kuzman combine rock climbing, base jumping and slacklining for the … Continue reading

A behind-the-scenes video from Foam Mag’s Palm Springs shoot with Gillian Zinser! As if we weren’t excited for Coachella already….

A behind-the-scenes video from Foam Mag’s Palm Springs shoot with Gillian Zinser! As if we weren’t excited for Coachella already…. SEE THE VIDEO HERE

Emily from VertiGirl once again showing us how it’s done!

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO! It starts off a little slow so if your just in the mood to see some awesome long lining then skip through a bit.

SLGirl Melissa D. Talks about her beginning progress in slacklining!

Written by: Melissa D Yesterday I hit the park again as my slacklining adventures continue.  It was my third day practicing, and I finally felt more confident walking, and was able to walk a good 12 feet or so.  I also began dabbling in tricks, but this location wasn’t the best for it, as there … Continue reading