Elephant Slackline Girls

Elephant Slacklines Slackliners: Asami, Charity, Fish and Kelly Slackline Girls in Singapore from Qx Cheang on Vimeo.

ITS TOO HOT OUTSIDE! Ways to keep cool… and slackline.

SOME VIDEOS TO COOL YOU DOWN IN THIS HOT HOT SUMMER!  This guy is goofy… but boogie boarding on a slackline over the pool… yes please! BAM BAM! Bam Bam from spencer middlemiss on Vimeo. DIVING, WATERLINING, TRICKS…. ahh summer 2012. Sommer 2012 from Tim Hirtle on Vimeo. Who care’s if it’s an iphone video … Continue reading

Get your slacklining in young!

Look at these kids go! Its awesome to see the sport reaching kids at such a young age. A mini slackline park set up in a mall. Take a look at the video below.  Hey! it’s never too early to start being active!      Bouncing Slackline – Dia del Niño from bouncing slackline on … Continue reading

Do the hump de bump!

Well. It’s Wednesday (Hump day)… and what better to get you through the rest of the week than some videos!! haha. Enjoy! In this video the tension is high! Pressure is on… the shirtless man crosses the line. haha. Whatever, its fun to watch. WOD ADL – Mardi 5 juin 2012 from Crossfit Chambly on … Continue reading

Add a little color this summer! : Fashion/Suits/Styles for 2012

ROXY Spring 2012 Swim Collection WETSUITS WE CANT GET ENOUGH OF!  – From tanning and slacking on the beach, to cooling off in the water: Take a look at these funky suits we adore! O’neill, Candy Suits and more! <3  Dont forget to finish it off with some shoes! :)  

Kathrine – Some slackline tricks


Pretty woman… walkin down the slackline…

A video of some people hangin out on slacklines, frisbee slacklining, carrying people and slacklining, flips and such.. ya know, the regular. haha. 

Slackline Fail compilation video … Ouch!

Thanks Gibbon USA for sharing this painful, yet surprisingly uplifting video of slackline fails…. it must be the Jackson 5 song. Guess you just cant feel pain when listening to the young Michael J. I will have to keep that in mind next time I slackline in shorts and scrape up my —-behind.  What? Bruised … Continue reading

Merging slacklining, skiing and snowboarding?

It’s official… These guys are crazy. An unusual approach to slacklining – combined with skiing/snowboarding Elephant Slacklines discovered that there are a lot of new possibilities.

It’s Friday…. So lets get weird.

What better person to endorse Perfect Tension Slacklines than…. wait…. what?   Your guess is as good as mine. haha. but… happy friday!