Vertigirl Films – High Life – Episode 2

The badass ladies are back again in episode 2.   Here is Episode 2 of the Vertigirls series! BASE Jumping & Highlining combined along with some Arch Highlines, tricklining with Elli Schulte, & much more! If you missed Episode 1. CHECK IT OUT HERE. 

Interview with SLG: Gabriela MacLeod!

Miss Gabriela is a slackline girl originally from Montreal who currently lives in London. She has been slacklining for about 2-3 years and is currently a member of Slackline Montreal. She was nice enough to send us some awesome photos (2 of which I especially love because it shows her slacklining in a bar. (Disclaimer… … Continue reading

Interview with SLGirl: Dominique Harrison!

While browsing the Internet (like I typically do) looking for the latest and greatest in slacklining, I came across a really nice photo. (Shown below) It was of a female slackliner on the beach leaning back towards the water. The photo was taken by Jake Paul White and something about it really sparked my interest. … Continue reading

Those girls are CRAZY…. and we like it.

Ever think to yourself, Yep I’m a badass.. haha, me too. Well that is what you may think BEFORE you watch this video. The Virtigirls team is kicking ass in this 5 ½ minute piece. The three girls Emily Sukiennik , Hayley Ashburn, and Jill Kuzman combine rock climbing, base jumping and slacklining for the … Continue reading

Emily from VertiGirl once again showing us how it’s done!

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO! It starts off a little slow so if your just in the mood to see some awesome long lining then skip through a bit.

SLGirl Melissa D. Talks about her beginning progress in slacklining!

Written by: Melissa D Yesterday I hit the park again as my slacklining adventures continue.  It was my third day practicing, and I finally felt more confident walking, and was able to walk a good 12 feet or so.  I also began dabbling in tricks, but this location wasn’t the best for it, as there … Continue reading


A blog from At least that’s how the old adage goes. In terms of my first day slacking, it was more like: Fall down 100 times, stand up 20. This slackline stuff is only slightly harder than I imagined, but I also thought I was imagining it to be harder than it is. I … Continue reading

Faith Dickey

2011 review of Faith Dickey… Nice Slackline Spots & Girl POWER :)

SLGirl: Melissa Bowe WE LOVE YOU! <3

LOVE IT! Melissa Bowe tears it up on the line! you go girl!


Last year the ladies in Czech held a “GIRLS ONLY SLACKLINE FESTIVAL” Check out what they got into in this entertaining video or check out their facebook