CALLING ALL SLACKLINE GIRLS! Submit your video for the SUMMER 2013 inspiration compilation video!

LADIES! We want to jump start this summer right! Full of fitness, friends, happy and healthy attitudes, and of corse slackline!

Send us your phone videos, GoPro videos, digital camera videos, any videos you want to share that shows you or your friends ether slacklining, or telling us why you like slacklining!  ENERGY is IMPORTANT! So have fun with it!! Get weird! Get Wild! (but be safe!) haha.

This will be the 1st video of many to come of the SLACKLINE GIRLS’ INSPIRATION COMPILATION VIDEOS! 

We are hoping the Summer 2013 Slackline Girls video will not only be a hit! But will also help inspire people to remember what summer is all about!


Look Forward to seeing your submissions! and SPREAD THE WORD! 

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