Slackline Girl Jewelry: Handmade in the UK

Oh ladies…

We know you love slacklining, your friends know you love slacklining… but why not wear  your heart on your neck, or ears….so that others can know what you’re passionate about too? 

Well now you can! Slackline shop in the UK has just come out with some interesting designs that are sure to be a conversation starter. All pieces are handmade and pressed in sterling silver. 

Necklace pendant in sterling silver (925), hallmarked with leather necklace (40cm long), size of the pendant 7.7cm in length, height of slackliner 2.5cm

Earrings in sterling silver (925), hallmarked, size 1.7cm in height and 1cm in width. 

US$ 105.38   £65.99   (84.99€)  set 
US$ 60.67     £37.99   (49.99€) necklace 
US$ 52.68     £32.99 (44.98€) earrings

 Free Shipping. 

To order or to check out more from Slackline Shop UK Please visit CLICK HERE 

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