Slackline Girl: Faith Dickey in-depth interview

Faith Dickey is one of the worlds leading slackliners. Not only did she accomplish many worldrecords in this new balance oriented sport. She also managed to steer her way trough the jungle of life and struggle in becoming a professional athlete. 

Today Faith Dickey ist 23 years old, inspiring, inspired, motivated and simply a humble beeing, fullfilling her everday dreams of a life in the moment.

Follow her story in this upcoming 25 minutes, in-depth interview. While she prepares for her yet most recent and exciting events as a professional female slackliner.

Pictures where taken from
Even though none were watermarked lot´s of them come from the shutter of Jordan Tybon.
Click here for more Pictures of Faith and the amazing fotographs taken by Jordan:

This is a dynamicfeatures production for Slacklife Media Network.

Faith Dickey in-depth interview (trailer1) from dynamicfeatures on Vimeo.

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