ITS TOO HOT OUTSIDE! Ways to keep cool… and slackline.


This guy is goofy… but boogie boarding on a slackline over the pool… yes please! BAM BAM!

Bam Bam from spencer middlemiss on Vimeo.

DIVING, WATERLINING, TRICKS…. ahh summer 2012.

Sommer 2012 from Tim Hirtle on Vimeo.

Who care’s if it’s an iphone video thats less than exciting… I WANT TO BE HERE! Now that the weather is officially a million degrees, I will be pool slacklining daily.

Slacklining over a pool with the cousins! from Jamila Gonzalez on Vimeo.

A cool (yes, as in cold) perspective. :)

Waterline from Jeremy Pedron on Vimeo.

I have a feeling this may not be legal…. possibly a little too elaborate for me, haha… but if any of you take the time to set this up… CALL ME MAYBE!

waterline from seiltaenzer on Vimeo.

Although sometimes the heat may make you forget…. it’s nice to step back and truly remember summer. The freedom, the joy, the friends… Here is a fun little video to remind you that no matter what age you are… you are young and alive. With on of my fav songs by Bon Iver.

vanishing worry from Sebastian Schachinger on Vimeo.

Slacklining Escala from m0liner on Vimeo.


wetter is better

WEEKEND p.r.o.j.e.c.t – Wetter is Better – SlackInMunich from dynamicfeatures on Vimeo.

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