The story behind the Wendelstein highline

The story behind the Wendelstein highline A beautiful video.  TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH: (Original text under video) On Saturday the 4th August, it finally happened! The High Line was built on Wendelstein the first time and committed. The line is located a few meters above the terrace of the hill station and the two fixed points … Continue reading

Urban Slack

a wee bit of urban slacklining to get you ready for the weekend :)

Girls trickline contest final | Dany Smith & Justyna Wallis | Wien 2012

Slackline Girl: Karyn Chittenden Park Slack Session

Karyn Chittenden Park Slack Session.  Found this Youtube channel and I think its awesome! It’s a bunch of videos of this girl learning to slackline and her progression. For any beginner… check it out, this girl rocks and her persistence is motivating.  more videos on her youtube channel

Gettin’ Slim Without the Gym!!

We are going to call it Tone up Thursday! Get ready for the weekend with these ladies beach workouts… sure to get you all toned up for the beachhhhh!


Fun Videos of waterlining and ways to keep cool this scorching summer!  ITS TOO HOT OUTSIDE! Ways to keep cool… and slackline.

genusgenocide: Haha slacklining was super fun! One of the not so good attempts but still super fun!

chin-upp-darling: Slacklining in GG park. (Taken with instagram)

windandsails: Slack lining at the park