dislocait: I had an interesting experience yesterday. I had the most incredible day ever and Slacklined in the most beautiful setting. It was completely surreal and a few tourists walked past us an genuinely thought we were crazy. My friend who owns all of the gear is always incredibly meticulous about… Dislocait: Safety Story

chin-upp-darling: Slacklining in GG park. (Taken with instagram)

forthefit: tried “slack lining” and ended up being a sloth

check out the site! http://www.slacklinegirls.com 

How to Highline (a yogaslacker’s guide to advanced slackline)  (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)

Huntington Beach, Ca.  Surf, Slackline, Skimboard.

A slackline Experience :)  I had a good night sleep and woke up to go to Narona, a bar/café down the street for some free wifi. I saw a sign on the wall in Cyrillic and got all sorts of excited. Turns out, the bartender was born in Belgrade. I was so proud to have … Continue reading