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Vertigirl Films – High Life – Episode 2

The badass ladies are back again in episode 2.   Here is Episode 2 of the Vertigirls series! BASE Jumping & Highlining combined along with some Arch Highlines, tricklining with Elli Schulte, & much more! If you missed Episode 1. CHECK IT OUT HERE. 

Modern Slackline Guide Book

Modern Slacklining Guide Book by: Hatley Ashburn Modern Slacklining is the essential guide book for beginning to advanced slackliners. A fantastic resource for beginners, the step-by-step instructions in this book include ever ything from how to take your first steps, to choosing the right equipment for your needs and getting the kids involved! Inside you’ll … Continue reading

Interview with Joshee Mannix from Slackline Australia

Interview with Joshee Mannix from Slackline Australia. Interview by: Grace Gutwein Joshee Mannix talks about slacklining in this interview with Graxe Gutwein. Slackline Australia is a website that supports the sport of slacklining. They sell a variety of lines and offer tips. If you are Australia based there is information about workshops and such as … Continue reading

The Starfish Story: Based on the story by Loren Eisley

A pretty little story to start your days in the right mindset. The Starfish Story: Based on the story by Loren Eisley An elderly man woke up just before sunrise to go for a walk on the beach. As he walked along the ocean’s edge he saw a child picking up starfish and throwing them … Continue reading

Fresh off the Pressss: Nighttime/beach/bonfire slack session

#Slackline #Perfecttension #bonfire #venice This weekend I set out to Dockweiler Beach to see what was happening with some of the guys from Perfect Tension Slacklines. They built a system to anchor slacklines in the sand in order to set up multiple lines on the beach with out the use of trees. The purpose of … Continue reading

Interview with SLG: Gabriela MacLeod!

Miss Gabriela is a slackline girl originally from Montreal who currently lives in London. She has been slacklining for about 2-3 years and is currently a member of Slackline Montreal. She was nice enough to send us some awesome photos (2 of which I especially love because it shows her slacklining in a bar. (Disclaimer… … Continue reading


First off… IF THEY CAN DO IT… SO CAN YOU! No excuses. The ahh-mazing slackline dogs! dogs can skateboard, surf, skydive… why wouldn’t they be good at slacklining too? i’ll be impressed when I see … a goat slackline! … wait… WTF…. oh… your good!

Happy Friday – SLACKLINING VIDEO – full circle

Happy Friday! The video for today is this video I found by Mandrake Filmes. Its a pretty cool little piece that I think has a full circle of awesome qualities. It starts smooth and slow with some beautiful silhouetted beach highlining/waterlining then jumps over to the beach for some fun tricklining. The tricks they are … Continue reading