Modern Slackline Guide Book

Modern Slacklining Guide Book by: Hatley Ashburn

Modern Slacklining is the essential guide book for beginning to advanced slackliners. A fantastic resource for beginners, the step-by-step instructions in this book include ever

ything from how to take your first steps, to choosing the right equipment for your needs and getting the kids involved!

Inside you’ll find advanced techniques for tricklining, a history of the sport, and interviews with today’s top athletes in Slacklining, Andy Lewis and Mike Payton, as well as over fifty full color photos!

An avid climber and slackliner, Hayley Ashburn, Womens World Champion of Slacklining 2010, uses her extensive experience gained from years of competing and teaching slacklining to create an easy-to-read guide to gear, rigging techniques and the art of balance.

You can check out this book on Amazon HERE!


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