Fresh off the Pressss: Nighttime/beach/bonfire slack session

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This weekend I set out to Dockweiler Beach to see what was happening with some of the guys from Perfect Tension Slacklines. They built a system to anchor slacklines in the sand in order to set up multiple lines on the beach with out the use of trees. The purpose of this was to head out to Venice Beach on Saturday and set up a bunch of lines for anyone to practice on. When I got to the beach it was just as the sun was starting to go down. The guys were digging holes in the sand in order to put the “anchors” in. They used large round piping for anchors and attached the slackline to ether end as if it were a tree or pole. They then burried the anchors about 4-5 feet deep and covered it with sand. They built horse type platforms (see photos below) to lay the lines over a few feet off the ground. The structures were stable and worked great for what they were going for. That night at Dockweiler they set up one line to test it out and hung out near the bonfire. It was a really good time and we shot some great photos and videos.

The next day (Saturday) I met back up with them to see the full plan in action in Venice Beach near the skate park. The guys set up three P10 slacklines ( Two lower lines for beginners and one around 4 1/2 feet off the ground which was better to practice tricks.) The turn out was great, people of all shapes, ages, and sizes came up to test their skills on the slacklines. I hung around and took photos and they helped answer questions and helped new comers try the lines for the first time. Lots of people came up interested in what the sport was, at first nervous to try and then not wanting to leave. Playing on the lines was completely free and next week they said they will be passing out t-shirts and stickers to people who can successfully cross the line from one end to the other.

If you are in the Santa Monica/Venice area next weekend or in the up and coming weekends I would suggest coming around and trying the lines for yourself. Follow SlacklineGirls on twitter and I will be sure to keep you posted on exactly where they plan to set up and what time.

The cool part is if you love the lines, you will be able to test your skills and possibly win a free Perfect Tension T-shirt and they will even have a few lines there if you are interested in buying a line for yourself.


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