Interview with SLG: Gabriela MacLeod!

Miss Gabriela is a slackline girl originally from Montreal who currently lives in London. She has been slacklining for about 2-3 years and is currently a member of Slackline Montreal. She was nice enough to send us some awesome photos (2 of which I especially love because it shows her slacklining in a bar. (Disclaimer… Don’t drink and slack!) I don’t want to get sued here.

Gabriela told us, “I know from trying to get friends involved that slacklining can be intimidating for a lot of girls out there. When you show up to a group of guys way better than you, it can be very intimidating, even though they are usually nice and supportive (though sometime patronizing.)”

Gabriel – “Knee drop at the release of my friends highlinning california movie.”

Slacking with a glass of beer.

Victoria park in london, cross knee drop in a skirt.

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