Santa Monica Slackline Session!

  I’m not sure if California was just dangling summer over our heads and teasing us today, but the weather in Santa Monica was gorgeous! 75 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze. The perfect day to go down to the pier and check out the slacklining scene. I arrived around noon and it was pretty quiet, things didn’t start to pick up until around 2-3pm when the first line up was a 2″ Perfect Tension Line. The line was set up high and Red Bull cliff diver Kyle Mitrione was doing tricks. Soon the crowd began to form wondering, “What is that thing that guy over there is doing?” Kids started to come up and watch, and adults came up to ask questions. Kyle then lowered the line he had set up to a height better for beginners and let everyone have a go. About this time a few other people with some 1″ untitled lines came and set up as well.

It was a really chill scene and everyone shared his or her lines and tricks for doing it differently. It was awesome to see a lot more kids and girls on the lines than usual. If you are interested in checking it out or trying the lines yourself I would defiantly recommend this spot. If you are facing the water it is left of the Santa Monica Pier right over by “The rings”. Typically a group of people are there every weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) Sunday being the more popular of the two. I know I’ll be back next weekend! Fun in the sun on the line!

To see more photos from todays session check out our facebook album HERE!

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