Megan Najera on Gibbons US Pro Team!

Today we would like to highlight Megan Najera on Gibbons US Pro Team! You go SLgirl!

Age: 33
Hometown: Lake Stevens, WA
Nickname: Nutmeg
Music: Paul Simon, Passion Pit and Vampire Weekend
Food: Indian
Favorite Place: Shi Shi Beach
Fear: Not following my dreams
Motivation: My husband Frankie. He is always the peace of calm in life regardless of what is going on around us.
Words of Wisdom: Learning to walk a slackline is similar to learning toride a bike. It is difficult at first but with time and practice you will get it.
Other Interests: I’m a Registered Dietitian and love nutrition and wellness. I’m also a big Yoga enthusiast and have practiced for 12+ years. I even taught Yoga while going to school for nutrition.
3 Things You Need: Fruit, vegetables and almond milk!
Slackline Accomplishments: Walked a 160ft longline; learned butt bounce and chest bounce combos.

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